Industrial electric heater with CE Certification

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Electric industrial heaters are used in a variety of processes where the temperature of an object or process needs to be increased. For example, lubricating oil need to be warmed before it is fed to a machine, or, a pipe might required the use of a tape heater to prevent it from freezing in the cold.

Industrial heaters are used to covert energy from a fuel or energy source to thermal energy in a system, process stream or closed environment. The process by which thermal energy is transformed from an energy source to a system can be described as heat transfer.

Types of industrial electric heater:

There are four types of industrial heating devices namely Flange, Over The Side, Screw Plug and Circulation; with each having a different size, operating mechanism and mounting option.

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Oil heating (lube oil, fuel oil, thermal oil)
Water heating (industrial heating systems)
Natural gas, seal gas, fuel gas heating
Heating of  process gases and industrial gases)
Air heating (pressurized air, burner air, drying technology)
Environmental technology (exhaust air cleaning, catalytic after burning)
Steam generator, steam super heater (industrial process technology)


The power can be customized
The medium is heated by electric energy through the energy conversion form of "transfer to + convection", with a thermal efficiency of 99%
The explosion-proof structure can work normally in the explosive gas dangerous places of Zone II
The structure is safe and reliable, and can be designed according to process requirements
Green and environmental protection, in line with national policies
Interlocking control of temperature, pressure, flow, etc. can be realized through the automatic control system
High temperature tracking response progress, fast response, significant energy saving
With electric heating element overheating protection function to prevent the electric heating element from being damaged due to flow interruption and accidents
The internal structure of the heater is designed according to the thermodynamic structure, without heating dead angle

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